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ESG Management Vision


In accordance with ESG (environmental, social, and governance) management strategy, SK Square will achieve sustainable growth through value investment that considers the future.

  1. Mission

    Promote rational management and development of its investment business, to enhance public benefits, and welfare

  2. Vision

    “Achievement of sustainable growth through value investment that considers the future”

  3. Strategic Direction
    • [E] Achieving carbon neutrality for future generations
      GHG / Climate Change
      Greenhouse gas reduction and climate change response
      ESG Portfolio Management
      Investment asset environmental risk management
    • [S] Creation of social value with stakeholders
      Employee Happiness
      Establish a culture of respect for human rights
      Create a safe, healthy workplace
      Reinforce employee competency and provide reasonable performance compensation
      Shared Growth with Suppliers / Communities
      Responsible supplier management
      Advancement of trade-related social contribution
    • [G] Establishment of a trustworthy and transparent governance structure
      ESG Governance
      ESG promotion system advancement
      Establishment of ESG investment process
      Stakeholder Trust
      Upgrade anti-corruption and ethical management
      Increase ESG communication

Subsidiary ESG Management Policy

SK Square carries out activities in different ESG categories to improve the ESG level of our subsidiaries. Through the formation and regular operation of a consultative body of the subsidiaries and constant monitoring, we are actively implementing ESG management reinforcement policies, such as supporting the improvement of ESG management performance.

Subsidiary ESG Management Policies and Activities

  • Share the Code of Ethics / Code of Ethics Implementation Guide
  • Conduct Ethics Pledge / Online Education / Ethics Practice Workshop / Ethics Practice Survey and manage the results (every year)
  • Monitor the investigation of reports and their results through SK Group's integrated reporting system
  • Conduct a diagnosis of subsidiary's management and support investigation of reports (if necessary)
  • Support the enforced internal control through monitoring self-regulation system (SK Group self-regulation checklist-based assessments and results)
  • Promote mutual capacity improvement of parent and subsidiary companies through investigating reports, sharing management diagnosis know-how, etc.
  • Help achieve Net Zero and share climate change response strategies

Manage ESG Management Goals and Performance of Subsidiaries

SK Square plans to select an organization, in charge of ESG affairs, within each of major subsidiaries and bolster the ESG data collection and performance management system. By 2025, we will disclose and manage the ESG information of major subsidiaries as subcategorized to the extent that it complies with global standards.

Number of council sessions
Unit Time
2021 -
2022 -
2023 Target -
Number of ESG training sessions
Unit Session
2021 -
2022 -
2023 Target -
Percentage of subsidiaries that established Net Zero plan*
Unit %
2021 12.5
2022 12.5
2023 Target 25
Category Unit 2021 2022 2023 Target
Number of council sessions Time - - -
Number of ESG training sessions Session - - -
Percentage of subsidiaries that established Net Zero plan* % 12.5 12.5 25

* The above is for eight major subsidiaries - SK hynix, 11STREET, ONE store, SK planet, TMAP mobility, Dreamus Company, Incross, FSK L&S. As of 2022, SK hynix completed setting the net zero plan