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SK Square maximizes company value through active portfolio
management based on its proven investment capabilities.

SK Square works together with global investment experts in the
semiconductor and ICT industries.
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Jung Ho Park

Vice Chairman

Career in Brief

  • Co-CEO & Vice Chairman,
    SK Hynix('21~present)
  • CEO & President, SK Telecom('17~'21)
  • CEO, SK Broadband('19)
  • CEO & President, SK C&C('15~'16)
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Sung Ha Park


Career in Brief

  • CEO & President, SK Square('23~present)
  • CEO & President, SK Inc.('20~'22)
  • Head of Strategic Support & Vice President, SK SUPEX Council('17~'19)
  • Head of PM Division & Senior Director, SK Holdings('14~'16)
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Hyung Il Ha

Chief Investment Officer

Career in Brief

  • CEO, 11STREET('22~present)
  • Head of Corporate Center, SK Telecom
    Chief Development Officer('20~'22)
  • CEO, Macquarie Corporate and Asset
    Finance Group('09~'18)
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Jai Hun Jung

Head of Investment Support Center

Career in Brief

  • Head of Investment Support Center, SK Square('22~Present)
  • Head of Legal Affairs Group, SK Telecom('20~'21)
  • Chief Prosecuting Attorney of National Court Administration, Korean Supreme Court('17~'19)
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Jae Seung Song

Managing Director

Career in Brief

  • Head of Corporate Development,
    SK Telecom('18~'21)
  • Executive Director, Praxis Capital Partners('17~'18)
  • Executive Director, Goldman Sachs IB Division('14~'17)
  • Deutsche Securities Korea Co.('12~'14)
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Hak Jin Bae

Managing Director

Career in Brief

  • Head of Global PE Team, Americas PE Team, NPS('19~'22.04)
  • Senior Portfolio Manager, NPS HQ & NY('11~'18)
  • Manager, Ernst & Young Advisory
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Tae Wan Kim

Managing Director

Career in Brief

  • Chief Strategy Officer, 11STREET('22~Present)
  • Head of Growth Business, SK Telecom('21~'22)
  • Head of Strategic Partnership, SK Telecom('19~'21)
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Hun Lee

Managing Director

Career in Brief

  • Head of Strategic Investment,
    SK Telecom('21)
  • Head of Capital Solutions, SK Telecom('20)
  • [Excellence] Professionals in pursuit of the highest excellence

    Our employees are experts in their fields, striving to achieve the best possible outcomes

  • [Innovation] Commitment to future innovations

    We are committed to exploring new innovations and demonstrating future possibilities.

  • [Tech Insight] A belief that ICT will make a better world

    We are in earnest search of innovative technologies that will change the paradigm of our lives

  • [Integrity] Nothing precedes the value of ethics

    In pursuit of the interests of our stakeholders, we ensure that no decision goes against our ethical values

  • [Teamwork] SK Square as one team

    Stronger together. We empower success through teamwork