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Shareholder Return Policy

To enhance predictability & shareholder value, we disclose our
shareholder return policy and implementation plan for the year of 2023

Return Policy

  1. 1) At least 30% of recurring dividend income

  2. 2) A certain portion of our meaningful harvest result as additional shareholder returns

At least 30% of Recurring dividend income + Part of meaningful harvest Special return


Share buyback & Cancellation or Cash Dividend

Execute Shareholder Return
  1. 1. Share buyback and cancellation of KRW 110bn(Over 30% of the '22Y recurring dividend income of KRW 360bn)

  2. 2. Share buyback and cancellation of KRW 200bn(From harvest of the SK shieldus deal upon its closing)

※ The above is subject to change depending on the internal/external business environment & condition

Share Buyback
  1. 1. Completed share buyback('23.06.14) and cancellation('23.10.04) for '22Y recurring dividend income

  2. 2. Completed share buyback('24.02.08), trust contract for share buyback to be cancelled('24.03.31)

Cumulative Buyback Shares


Cumulative Amount


As of Aug 11, 2023


Week # of business days Buyback shares
Cancellation of shares
Date Canceled Amount Canceled Shares Issued Shares
Before After