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Shareholder Return Policy

To enhance predictability & shareholder value, we disclose our
shareholder return policy and implementation plan for the year of 2023

Return Policy

  1. 1) At least 30% of recurring dividend income

  2. 2) A certain portion of our meaningful harvest result as additional shareholder returns

At least 30% of Recurring dividend income + Part of meaningful harvest Special return


Share buyback & Cancellation or Cash Dividend

Execute Shareholder Return
  1. 1. Share buyback and cancellation of KRW 110bn(Over 30% of the '22Y recurring dividend income of KRW 360bn)

  2. 2. Share buyback and cancellation of KRW 200bn(From harvest of the SK shieldus deal upon its closing)

※ The above is subject to change depending on the internal/external business environment & condition

Share Buyback
  1. 1. Completed share buyback for '22Y recurring dividend income ('23.06.14)

  2. 2. Share buyback for the harvest from SK shieldus deal is in progress ('23.08.14~)

Amount of Shareholder Return (A)


Current Cumulative Shares


Current Cumulative Amount (B)


% (B/A)




Week # of business days Buyback shares