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Responsible Management in ESG

SK Square expands its positive impact on society and the environment through investments for a sustainable future where we can grow together with its stakeholders.

ESG Investment Policy

SK Square considers ESG issues in all our investment decision-making processes and applies ESG factors to the checklist. We will create social value through our ESG-based investment portfolio and fulfill our role as an active investor to achieve a sustainable future society.

ESG Checklist

  • Environment
    • Identify and manage negative environmental impacts of business
  • Society
    • Establishment of industrial accident prevention system and protection of workers’ human rights
  • Governance
    • Disclosure of environmental / social / governance-related information to stakeholders

Roadmap for Expanding ESG Investment

2023 Advance and specify ESG criteria within ESG investment policy 2024~2025 SV Impact measurement and monitoring 2026~ Increase ESG Investment in phases

ESG Checklist-based Investment Execution Goals and Performance

Percentage of ESG Checklist-based Investments
Unit %
2021 -
2022 0
2023 Target 100
Category Unit 2021 2022 2023 Target
Percentage of ESG Checklist-based Investments % - 0 100