SK proudly supports Busan's Bid to host the World EXPO 2030. SK proudly supports Busan's Bid to host the World EXPO 2030.
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SK Square maximizes company value through active portfolio
management based on its proven investment capabilities.

CEO Greeting

Greetings. I am Jung Ho Park, CEO of SK Square.

SK Square aims to be an active portfolio management company that maximizes
shareholder value based on proven investment capabilities.

The word “square” can be defined as an open space for public use, or the
multiplication of a number by itself.

The company name “Square” contains its vision to create a square where
the values of diverse companies converge to achieve synergy in the global
market and to produce greater future value through proactive investment.

SK Square has portfolio assets and investment capabilities in sectors with high growth
potential, such as semiconductor, platform and future ICT.
As a publicly listed company, we also provide everyone with an opportunity to take
part in our investment schemes.

In line with our identity as a brand-new investment company, we will grow and
advance in our own distinctive way, while contributing to the development of the
local ICT industry.
We will make our utmost effort to realize solid returns on investment for all the
stakeholders who show continued support and encouragement.

Thank You.
Jung Ho Park​