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SK Square maximizes company value through active portfolio
management based on its proven investment capabilities.

SK Square is an active portfolio management company with a wealth of experience accumulated through managing semiconductor and ICT platform businesses, and a proven track record of investment performance such as SK Hynix and SK Shieldus.

SK Square possesses specialized investment insights into the semiconductor and ICT sectors as well as a unique positioning with its subsidiary company SK Hynix, a top global semiconductor supplier and sister company of SK Telecom, Korea’s no.1 telecommunications company.
sk square 로고
Investment Philosophy
SK Square invests in highly promising companies in the semiconductor and ICT sectors, thus facilitating future innovations.

Investment Philosophy

  • Value Creation icon

    Value Creation

    SK Square takes preemptive investment measures to transform today’s value into even greater value for the future.

  • Growth icon


    SK Square develops its portfolios and maximizes shareholder value with the aim to increase corporate value.

  • Global icon


    SK Square creates venues where the knowhow of global businesses can come together to achieve synergy.

SK Square owns differentiated portfolios with a focus on semiconductor and ICT platforms
with high investment value. 
high tech, big tech, deep tech, 전략자산
high tech, big tech, deep tech, 전략자산
SK Square works together with global investment experts in the
semiconductor and ICT industries.
박정호 대표이사

Jung Ho Park


Career in Brief

  • Co-CEO & Vice Chairman, SK Hynix(‘21~present)
  • CEO & President, SK Telecom('17~'21)
  • CEO, SK Broadband('19)
  • CEO & President, SK C&C('15~'16)
윤풍영 Chief Investment Officer

Poong Young Yoon

Chief Investment Officer

Career in Brief

  • Head (CFO) of Corporate Center 1, SK Telecom('19~'21)
  • Head of PM Group, SK Telecom('18)
  • Director of Planning Department, SK C&C('16~'17)
송재승 Managing Director

Jae Seung Song

Managing Director

Career in Brief

  • Head of Corporate Development , SK Telecom('18~'21)
  • Executive Director, Praxis Capital Partners('17~'18)
  • Executive Director, Goldman Sachs IB Division('14~'17)
  • Deutsche Securities Korea Co.('12~'14)
Jun Han Kim Managing Director

Jun Han Kim

Managing Director

Career in Brief

  • Corporate Development Officer, SK Hynix('21)
  • Head of the Strategic Investment Team, SK Hynix('19~'20)
  • Director of the Strategic Planning Center, Dreamus Company('18)
Hak Jin Bae Managing Director

Hak Jin Bae

Managing Director

Career in Brief

  • Head of Global PE Team, Americas PE Team, NPS('19~'22.04)
  • Senior Portfolio Manager, NPS HQ & NY('11~'18)
  • Manager, Ernst & Young Advisory TAS('07~'10)